Saturday, January 24, 2009

Walk or Run? We're simply moving either way

Time is merely a means to measure existance.......its how you interpret a situation that makes it work.....this applies to any situation you're put in...there's no certain way things have to be done to make them right or likely to work.

Lets talk about the "so called" stages of a relationship...better yet...lets ask the question.....Are their stages to a relationship? or Is it just an illusion we see and choose to acknowledge due to the fact that those around us feel that stages are the key steps that constitute a successful relationship?.....successful? what is success there some sort of instrument we measure it with?!? it the number of certificates on the wall??....or the amount you have in your bank it what we need to satisfy a hunger that our minds feed on?

So just because there are stages in life it doesn't mean that a relationship follows a sequence of events or steps that are meant to happen that lead it to being a successful one.......there's something called fait.....where no matter the circumstances ...despite the odds or any of our expectations .....things happen......the reason can't always be explained in words or emotions.......and it may defy all logic and gravity might turn into the opposite force but most things happen for the greater good .....we have to believe that....otherwise we'd live in misery all our lives.....our lives would be pointless.....negativity is an attribute that shouldn't have a place in life.....what has being negative ever done for anyone except put them down and cause them to run in the opposite direction of what they could have...if only they put things into prospective.

It always seems to me that respect in a relationship is a vital factor for its success.....once you lose respect you lose everything else as its lets say directly linked with trust, love and a perfect world we'd like to think life is easy and everything comes easy...but the matter of the fact is that without working on something you want, it will be out of reach.....and i always say that the effort comes from both ends that guarentee an outcome.

Oddly enough....just a thought you can know a person for years and years... never feeling an actual connection and know someone for 10 minutes who seems to answer all the questions you asked yourself....and maybe for those years wasted on someone you couldn't and wouldn't figure out.....putting too much effort into something that can't be....won't make it be just because you want it......but putting in no effort at all won't make it work no matter how much you want it. Ironic but true.

Insecurity, feeling lost and astranged is something one might feel when they felt they had nothing for so long and all of a sudden out of the blue when least expecting it...without seeking, looking for that comes along ...right in front of you.....and you feel so overwhelmed that you start over thinking and over interpreting situations.....i totally relate to that....can't say that its something easy to feel....but when things are going good ....i guess our minds automatically have this button that cause us to self one ruins things for someone else better than we do for ourselves....quite sad but true....i guess we have to accept the existance of the opposite extreme and internally be at peace with what is that we can move on with our lives and just simply be happy:)


m-a-n-x said...

GORGEOUS - seriously if I were to choose one word to describe this post.

It just hits the spot and is so well written im in awe :D

I like how you know why the other party would feel insecure/lost/astranged..its good that you that you can remind yourself whenever you think the other way (just incase you ever come across such a situation).

love ya

m-a-n-x said...

here's a thought to clear the head....

walk or run we're simply moving either way, true!

so why run?

N said...

very interesting perspective. You mentioned that sometimes that person you want will appear out of would you know tho? Are there signs? (maybe you can write about that next time? ;) )

Lalloosha said...

Manx: Thanx hun....i guess my writting skills highten wen im passionate about the topic....and yea y run hehehe....coz u shed more pounds tht way:P

N: Yea i will write bout tht soon:)i'l call the post simple steps on how u knw....or sumthing lyk tht