Friday, April 24, 2009

Tug of War

So here we go again.....not so much drama than just mixed emotions.....sometimes guys just don't get it.....and they never will....coz i guess if u tell them what you really feel ....they won't be able to handle it and end up taking the easy way out....down route 55 onto the highway....they always tend to hear what you say (to them just a bunch of random words put into a sentence) but are never actually listening....sometimes talking bout things just doesn't solve can tell a guy a million times that a certain something they do annoys you or upsets you but they inturn hear what you say through one ear and out the other.....on the other hand .....if a guy says something that you do bothers them....they make it a point that if they repeat what they said more than two times then YOU DON'T LISTEN!!! I mean hello....people is there something wrong with this.....or is it just me!!

In a fair world, women would be treated like queens....and men would listen....fact of the matter is life is sooooo don't expect any fairytale endings girls....

I feel that women are so much more willing to compromise than men are.....a good friend once told's brains are like a solid piece of metal....cannot be moulded or changed.....and woman's brains are like in other words we're more flexible....but hey that's no excuse for men to get their way all the time....i mean sure there are some things a women could compromise if and only if the guy is worth it.....but if compromises are one sided then seriously there's no point....i think i mentioned that in one of my previous posts....don't want to repeat myself.

Another weird thing i that when you give a guy too much attention they tend to blow you off.....ignore a guy and they come running after you....i call this a "mind game".....which is so unneccesary.....i mean can't we just simply be nice! Is it too much to ask?!?.....anyhow...moving on...strangely always tend to get attention and the princess treatment from someone you remotely have no interest in....Are we attracted to the wrong people...i wonder...

Truth and women are in constant tug of war....its a power struggle really.....but nobody wins in the end....1+2=3 in a womens world but equals 12 in a mans world!.....their expectations are just too high....they fail to realise they're just not perfect either!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Walk or Run? We're simply moving either way

Time is merely a means to measure existance.......its how you interpret a situation that makes it work.....this applies to any situation you're put in...there's no certain way things have to be done to make them right or likely to work.

Lets talk about the "so called" stages of a relationship...better yet...lets ask the question.....Are their stages to a relationship? or Is it just an illusion we see and choose to acknowledge due to the fact that those around us feel that stages are the key steps that constitute a successful relationship?.....successful? what is success there some sort of instrument we measure it with?!? it the number of certificates on the wall??....or the amount you have in your bank it what we need to satisfy a hunger that our minds feed on?

So just because there are stages in life it doesn't mean that a relationship follows a sequence of events or steps that are meant to happen that lead it to being a successful one.......there's something called fait.....where no matter the circumstances ...despite the odds or any of our expectations .....things happen......the reason can't always be explained in words or emotions.......and it may defy all logic and gravity might turn into the opposite force but most things happen for the greater good .....we have to believe that....otherwise we'd live in misery all our lives.....our lives would be pointless.....negativity is an attribute that shouldn't have a place in life.....what has being negative ever done for anyone except put them down and cause them to run in the opposite direction of what they could have...if only they put things into prospective.

It always seems to me that respect in a relationship is a vital factor for its success.....once you lose respect you lose everything else as its lets say directly linked with trust, love and a perfect world we'd like to think life is easy and everything comes easy...but the matter of the fact is that without working on something you want, it will be out of reach.....and i always say that the effort comes from both ends that guarentee an outcome.

Oddly enough....just a thought you can know a person for years and years... never feeling an actual connection and know someone for 10 minutes who seems to answer all the questions you asked yourself....and maybe for those years wasted on someone you couldn't and wouldn't figure out.....putting too much effort into something that can't be....won't make it be just because you want it......but putting in no effort at all won't make it work no matter how much you want it. Ironic but true.

Insecurity, feeling lost and astranged is something one might feel when they felt they had nothing for so long and all of a sudden out of the blue when least expecting it...without seeking, looking for that comes along ...right in front of you.....and you feel so overwhelmed that you start over thinking and over interpreting situations.....i totally relate to that....can't say that its something easy to feel....but when things are going good ....i guess our minds automatically have this button that cause us to self one ruins things for someone else better than we do for ourselves....quite sad but true....i guess we have to accept the existance of the opposite extreme and internally be at peace with what is that we can move on with our lives and just simply be happy:)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Altered State of Mind

Have you ever encountered a person that can change their mind like day changes to night....the sad thing is that you may know this person so well and would never see it coming despite the circumstances either of you are going through....there's nothing worse than feeling you were on top of the world once then plunged down to the depths of hell....and there's nothing you can do about it except try your hardest to fix whatever got you there.......sometimes all you can do is sit, wait and stare at a great thing disappear like sugar dissolves in water....except the taste is so bitter.
Now you can fix all you want, but it takes two people to pull through....yes i am talking about relationships takes two sides to resolve any all depends on how we as people decide to perceive the problem, how we attack and solving.....we have to swallow our pride, anger and fear...the worst 3 things you can have in a relationship.....can ultimately destroy anything good on this earth....
Pride affects and destroys those around you without even noticing......a simple situation can turn to chaos because of pride....running after a high that doesn't really satisfy you...Anger...holding onto the past and bringing it up everytime you get into a fight to get some sort of leverage that trust me you don't need to solve the problem...using things in the past just ignites a fire that you already put out.......look forward coz the past is over and the future is yet to be created.........Fear...noone in this world doesn't hold some sort of fear in their hearts but its what you choose to use the fear to do that makes things fall into place.....fear should always push you towards your goals not away from them...after all no one knows what the future brings but if we're afraid of failure we'll be standing still all our lives....while everyone else runs by....
What happens if one side tries so hard to make things last or right while the other side simply decides they need to live their life....they've had it and blame you for something you only said or did because you were lost yourself.....being in a relationship doesn't mean supression....noone is putting anyone else in a box ....on the contrary its just respect and compromise from both to make things work.....coz when your in a relationship people that have a common ground become one....both entitled to their thoughts, ideas and opinions but always thinking about the other's feelings.....that's how it should be.....well at least i think so...
Now what if all the other problems you face you decide to blame someone else because you feel you've lost control of your life and taking out your anger on someone that loves you would make you feel that you've accomplished something....but at the same time the silent treatment isn't a solution.
Hurt is a feeling i personally wouldn't anyone to feel....coz if you've ever been hurt you'll understand that crying continuosly for two hours would become a daily ritual....its not like you can control it.....verbal abuse is so much worse than physical abuse (although haven't been physically abused personally) your physical wounds will hurt but heal fast....deep inside there's a wound that may not ever heal.....leaves you crippled....trying to take a breath but there's no oxygen if your 10 feet under and upside down....
Someone who makes you second guess every single thought and word that could ever come out of your mouth....makes it that much harder to communicate.......let me wrap it up here....relationships can be a walk in the park if you let them be.....its not a war between two sides ....rather a union in which we respect, compromise, understand, forgive and build the love and passion that was there in the first place to grow into something amazing that could last forever....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The "Its''

I'm pretty sure when you read the title you were thinking...what is she on about...well let me explain....the It's are a group of i want to call them people that have the misfortune of being misguided by the worm like organ in their heads that we call a brain....ok still not clear enough ...o and before i clarify anything...the It's aren't IT people....i didn't switch my CAPS off accidently....back to our topic now...
Let's put it this way....they're cross dressers by choice...have unresolved anger issues so they choose to lash out by freaking the rest of the world out...yup i'm talkin about the rising population of the homo's in this world...particularly the gulf....i mean i don't know what their parents did to it because they were raised by the maids?! (no offense to anyone) or was it mum's careless attitude...or was it dad that they only saw once in a blue moon because somtimes he remembers he once upon a time 'contributed' in making a family....point is whatever their issues are ...i don't think becoming something your clearly anatomically (yes all they have to do is look down) not made out to be is the solution.
It's kind of a shock to actually know that there are so many It's these days and now it jus seems to be normal to them to do what they please... but there's always a stigma shadowing their every move...why pretend to be some one your not meant to be.....again just wondering where their parents are?!?......i guess older aged people don't realise this stuff like we young people do...
Do you ever notice how the It's appear to have so much self confidence and esteem when in reality it's the complete opposite.....they reflect and impose that on others where i feel inside they're not what they appear to be on the outside....don't get me wrong...but i'm just saying they'r troubled souls who found the only way out was this.....i mean take ibri for instance ...he's not a full blown It jus yet...but give him a few years and he could be the next doodi (some homo khaleeji dude) I'm not gona elaborate on this incident but there was once this guy i knew who shaved his legs....everyone knew he was straight until that incident and now everyone is just sceptical....i think guys who hang out with girls only for too long become a little on the rocks if you know what i mean.
Seriously don't get me wrong...i'm all for freedom of choice and i stand by all democratic values but this doesn't strike me as something that should be on that list....anyways it was jus a thought that well expanded into an essay......freedom of speech all the way;p
i'm off to bed....gnite:D

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where it all began...Sounds Mystical

So here first post....first impression are the last 'they' say...You knw what i always wonder....who are those ppl ('they') who make up those little phrases (sayings) tht everyone uses in their daily convo's that are apparently supposed to give you sumthing to work to motivate if that helps
Like when your struggling to get through something...and someone says 'where there's a will there's a way'...well yea sure when your willing to do something you might find a way...but is there always a way?! even if there is...its not always so clear and of it is clear you dnt always get things ur willing to do. phewww that was a long sentence....
Moving on, in life i always find that we're never content with what stage we've reached...for instance...
Stage 1: When i was in kindergarden and my parents dropped me off..i would cry and scream trying to pull the door open...making everyone's life a living hell might i biggest problem then was i missed my mummy!
Stage 2: So now in primary school ...there was this stupid girl christine ....she was british i think...anyhow although we were so called friends...she kept complaining to her mum bout me coz apparently i was taking her friends away from her! (god....((rolling my eyes)) hated that girl and her mum...although i used to alwayz go over to her place to play...haha talk about being two faced) Then again at that time i thought that was the biggest problem in my life!
Stage 3: Then you get to high school always the awkward stage of one's life...and think to yourself... 'what was i thinking when i was a kid...(as if to say your all grown up now) your biggest problem becomes how you don't understand guys, dating and and those weird ass feelings you have bout them....will elaborate on that later on...
Stage 4: So you get to a shit load of work load + dealing with a bunch of loserish guys (who in high school you would've found to be amazing)
Stage 5: And now its over (so i thought) graduated.....wohooo...yea right...time to look for a's the catch though...the field your in...yup chances are slim...and wy is that you ask? Let me jot it down in a brief cycle called why PT's will stay unemployed here:
A. 25 new graduates, 20 old graduates, bahraini graduates from abroad coming here looking for jobs
B. considering the size of the freakin country and the number of hospitals (1 public rest are private...patheticness)
C. If your an expat you cant get licensed unless ├Żou find a job...dumbass rules..and we've already clarified there are no freakin jobs due to A and B
D. You need 2 years unpaid experience to get a proper job and pay
E.Now we'r kinda jus kidding ourselves training to get experience ....coz apparently even if you get experience a job won't magically appear
Don't get me wrong its not like i'm some sorta couch potato waiting for a job to come to me....but facing the facts chances are pretty slim......yes yes im bein so pessemistic for my 1st post....dnt worry though it wnt all b tht way:P well lets hope not
Bottom line is our problems that disguise themselves as the worst become nothing as time goes by and as we move onto the next stage of life....
But maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel....we all want to be saved by someone...and if we're not... i guess we have to be our own white knight with shining armor....
Tht's all for today folks.....(assuming anyone read this) until my next post adios:)